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Preventive maintenance is an observation systematically accompanied by technical-economical analysis to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment production and extend the life of the equipment in question. The purpose of preventive maintenance is to be able to achieve a level of maintenance of all the equipment production in order to be retrieved an optimum product quality.

Preventive maintenance is the routine maintenance is done to prevent the occurrence of the damage before the age of disposable (life time) the equipment comes to an end. Preventive maintenance is usually based on the hours of operation of the equipment. The types of preventive maintenance can be grouped up:

Oiling :

Oiling is the Act of granting of oil moving components, the use of oil in General for those parts of the covered equipment such as gearbox. Awarding of oil consists of replacement and addition. This type of oil is used for each piece of equipment is no the same depending on the working conditions of such equipment.

For working conditions with high temperatures such as the turbine used oil Turbo T46, as for the hydrolic power pack and hydrolic system more use oli Turalik 52 Meditran Oil or SAE 10.

Greasing :

Is the process of adding and replacing the grease, usually using a grease pump (potty). Grease used for bearing, bushing and shaft.

Replacement :

Replacement parts routinely done in accordance with the initial design of the equipment, in accordance with the age-of-. Replacement of these parts to ensure the optimization of overall unit labor. As replacement filters in diesel engine.

Setting :

Select done to return the equipment to its original condition, so the work equipment is still the optimal. Like setting the rotor bars with kerenggangan plate on the unit's ripple ripple mill according to the efficiency of the equipment, damper settings separating colomb, secondary separating colomb and LTDS.
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